The class is designed for PHP version 5.3+, it includes new specifications like namespaces. If you use an older version, like PHP 5.2, it can work until you remove these specifications. See how to install and use the class depending of your PHP version:

PHP 5.3+ with an autoloader

The PHPImageWorkshop folder added in your lib directory, just use the class namespace in your main script and that's it:

        // myscript.php:
        use PHPImageWorkshop\ImageWorkshop;
        $layer = ImageWorkshop::initXXX(...);
PHP 5.3+ without autoloader

If you don't use an autoloader, this is a little more tricky but still easy to install: you just need to include files manually.

1 - Include dependencies

You have to load classes at the beginning of each class files that are dependant, with include() or require_once() functions.

To do that, just uncomment //require_once() call at the beginning of each class file, an example for ImageWorkshop.php file:

        // ImageWorkshop.php, line 9:
        // If no autoloader, uncomment these lines:

Don't forget the other classes: Core/ImageWorkshopLayer.php, Core/ImageWorkshopLib.php, etc...

If you don't do that, an error like that will be displayed:

        Fatal error: Class 'PHPImageWorkshop\ImageWorkshopException' not found in /home/.../ImageWorkshop.php on line 1731
2 - Include ImageWorkshop in your main script

Where you need to use the class don't forget to include it !

        // myscript.php:
        require_once('path/to/lib/PHPImageWorkshop/ImageWorkshop.php'); // Be sure of the path to the class
3 - Usage

You can now initialize an object like this:

        // myscript.php:
        $layer = new PHPImageWorkshop\ImageWorkshop::initXXX(...);

Alternatively, a better thing is to use the namespace:

        // myscript.php:
        use PHPImageWorkshop\ImageWorkshop; // Use the namespace of ImageWorkshop
        require_once('path/to/lib/PHPImageWorkshop/ImageWorkshop.php'); // Be sure of the path to the class

By this way, you can initialize an object simplier:

        // myscript.php:
        // previous code ...
        $layer = ImageWorkshop::initXXX(...);

PHP 5.2 & older versions

Documentation will come soon. Similar to the 1.3 version.