Learn and understand the layer notion and discover all the tools of ImageWorkshop.

If you don't want to read the documentation and want directly to play with ImageWorkshop, just read the "Good practices" chapter (5), it is really important and can avoid some bugs.

1 - Layer notion

Understand the layer notion: use ImageWorkshop as a layer, a group or a document. Superimpose some layers in the stack of a document...

2 - Initialization of a layer

Different ways to initialized a layer: by creating a new layer, from an image variable, from an existant image file...

3 - Manage the result

You can save the result as an image file in a specified folder, or just show it in the navigator...

4 - Actions on layers

Discover all usefull actions that can be applied on a layer object.

5 - Good practices

Avoid somes bugs and learn best pratices to optimize the performance of the class !

6 - Reference

Reference book: resume of methods, options, etc...

You can now pratice with some tutorials, and discover the possibilities that ImageWorskhop offers. If you have a problem, don't forget to ask question on Github !